Wednesday, August 08, 2007

उजळो तुझा असाच मंद प्रकाश

अमेरिकन दुतावासाने डॉ. प्रकाश आणि डॉ. मंदा आमटे यांना पुरेसे (?) उत्पन्नं नसल्याच्या कारणास्तव व्हिसा आधी नाकारला आणि मग चुक लक्षात आल्यावर ओशाळून प्रदान केल्याची बातमी कुठेतरी वाचली होती. त्यावरून अखेर त्यांचा अमेरिकेत येण्याचा मार्ग सुकर झाल्याचे कळले होते. मात्रं प्रत्यक्षात त्यांच्या भेटीचा योग येईल अशी कल्पनाही नव्हती.
रॅले येथील निशा मिरचंदानी यांनी बाबांच्या जिवनावर "विसडम सॉंग" नावाचे पुस्तक लिहिले आहे. पुस्तकाचा अमेरिकेतील प्रकाशन सोहोळा ड्युक विद्यापिठात एका छोटेखानी कार्यक्रमात पार पडला.

आपला व्यवसाय सोडून सामाजिक कार्यात उतरलेल्या निशा मिरचंदानी यांनी वेळोवेळी भारतात जाऊन बाबांच्या आणि आमटे कुटुंबाच्या सहवासात बराच काळ घालवला. त्याचेच फलित म्हणजे हे पुस्तक.

पुस्तकाचे प्रकाशन करताना लेखिका आणि डॉ. प्रकाश.

त्यानंतर आमटे कुटुंबावर केलेला माहितीपट दाखवण्यात आला कारण मुळात मितभाषी असलेल्या या दांपत्याला स्वतःविषयी बोलायला लावणे कठिणच आहे असे लेखिकेने सांगितले आणि त्याची प्रचितीही आली.

इतके मोठे काम करत असुनही अहंकाराचा लवलेश नाही. नवरा बायकोत इतके सामंजस्य की शब्दांचीही गरज पडू नये. व्यक्ति कोण आणि छाया कोण हे कळू नये इतकी एकरूपता.

छायाचित्रे नवर्‍याच्या सौजन्याने.



खरच. यांच कार्य खुप महान आहे,हि माणसे दिपस्थंभाप्रमाणे असतात. यांच्या सारख्या महान व्यक्‍तीच्या भेटी होण्यासाठी भाग्य लागते.
मला कधीतरी हेमकशलाला जायच आहे.
फोटो खुप छान आहेत.

TheKing said...

Have heard a lot about their US-tour from various people in US. would like to know more from you.

ATOM said...

All those US Indians who have donated to Amtes needs to be congradulated for they probably cannot have better place to do so.

The non religeous Missionary Spirit created by Amate Family is a very uncommon character of Indians, particularly Maharashtrians.
They know how to repair the defective work done by the God.

They also know how a Trust should function in the hypocratic setup full of rascals all round.

They have shown that Social Service can be grown to Gaint of a profession and inherited across the generations.
One may not undertand the Totality of the scenario unless examining the condition of other contemporary crusades in the same filed.
One similar solo fighters was Dr. Shivajirao Patwardhan, the Founder of Tapovan, Amravati, also a pioneer in Rehabilitations of the lapers inspiered by Gandhiji.
But very sadly , he had to leave his own Tapovan and commit sucide because of idelalistic and impracticable perceptions.

The Tapovan is now having an Administrator appointed by the Government and at times begs help from Christian Missionaries to cater health services of the inmates.

3 cheers to Amte Empire of Service !


Thanks for your advice on White Balance. I have changed the settings of my Digital Camera from Auto to Manual for White Balance and ISO and getting excellent results for still photography.

I need your advice please on video shooting of conserts/ programs.
So many times I end up recording too large MB file, which cannot be downloaded also the quality is also poor.


I have Nikon's Coolpix P2 Digital camera


Thanks for the tips. I do not know much on photography except just click,even though I have clicked more than 15000 photos. Is's that pathetic ? I use same digital camera for movie shooting.

May be I should join some institute to learn photography.

BTW ,I have started reading you blog throughly from the beginning and would like to say
" Aap Mahan Hai "

sangeetagod said...

Thank you for the generous comment. I am not a good writer. Being out of touch for years, I make lots of spelling mistakes.
I try to make this blog informative.


Right now I am listening to

Gharana Vishnupur Name of Artiste - Manilal Nag Raga Raga Bageshri on

He was here in Mumbai on last sunday for his rare appearance and like a fool I didnot wait for his performace to start. I attended only vocal performace by Shri Rahul Deshpande in the first half And now, while listening, I know what I missed in life.

BTW have you listem Bageshree by Pt.Kumar Gandharva ? (Tesul Ban Phule.)